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Episode 12: A Tale of Two Tolkien Biographies

Jude and Stef review the new Tolkien biopic, as well John Garth’s “Tolkien and the Great War”. Some beefs are had.

Episode 11: The A-Neigh-zing Horses of Middle Earth part 2

From the noble Mearas of the Rohirrim to the dark mounts of the Black Riders, we close out our Horsey series with some of the most notable steeds of Middle-earth

Episode 10: The A-Neigh-zing Horses of Middle Earth part 1

What started as a joke about ranking of all the horses of Middle-earth as a palate cleanser for Stef after so many episodes about souls and eschatology, has turned into two of our best episodes, courtesy of Stef’s unbridled enthusiasm for hoses and Tolkien! Enjoy this first in our two part series on the Horses of Middle-earth!

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